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I have come across something strange on the tax records website and thought I would post here for feedback. I am still fairly new to REI and I have come across a motivated seller and went to visit the property today. Where I am confused is it seems that the tax records website, Google, Zillow, Trulia and any other site all have the wrong data. If you look up the address on the tax website it shows her name, and a different property under the "photos" tab. That house is actually 4 units down the road. If I use that wrong address in the tax records website I get the photos of her home and then a different name listed as the owner.

Here is where I am having trouble.. Most of this data is pulled into Zillow, Trulia and other sites so I am  assuming because the data is wrong on the tax website, it's also wrong in these other places. So running comps is very difficult. She had an original blueprint/house specs document from when the home was built with the square footage on it and it's different than both homes data on the tax website.

At the end of the day it's a great property in a fantastic neighborhood and I have a very motivated seller. Where can I go to get the most accurate info? Do you see any issues if I were to get this under contract to wholesale or flip? Not having any experience really, I just don't know what I don't know, so if there are any problems you can see this causing I would love to know now.

Thanks to everyone for their feedback!

@Jeremy Ferguson , the City may have just loaded the photos of the properties incorrectly. I have that situation for one of my properties. The photo that shows on the website is the house next door but all the other information listed (including the lot drawing) under my property's address is correct. Call the City and verify the taxes for the tax ID number of the property you are interested in. If that matches what is on the public record you may be looking at a situation where only the photo has been loaded improperly, similar to my situation.

I would make the offer and put a contingency in, that I had an out if the title work showed the property was other than the one I thought I was buying. i would get it under contract and verify details later. This can be done by checking the tax plat, land records, survey etc..

@Jeff Rabinowitz  I thought that at first but they have the wrong names, square footage and lot outline on the map even.

She received an "as-is" appraisal and spoke to a realtor and they are all basing their information on specs from the tax records. I am thinking of a way to use this as leverage and let her know they all have the wrong info.

She had the property drawings from when the house was built and the square footage was listed on there which shows a 600 sqft difference.

I hate to low ball her but our measurements and the propert drawing are in line with each other. 

I have contact the county tax assessor to get their input. The saw thing is she has been overpaying her taxes by about 10% for 7 years now.

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