Rent Increase due to Tenant's Mom

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A few months ago my tenant's mother expressed her interetst in moving into my unit (I have a duplex) when I informed her that I was looking to move out in a few months. Her lease expired and I agreed she could stay wth her son(my tenant) until I found a house. Now that I'm under contract, I  asked her if she's still interested and she said no. 

No problem, I asked her if she plans to stay downstairs or if she's looking for another place that fits her criteria. She hasn't responded to my text and this was an hour ago. My tenant pays $900 rent and if she stays I plan to increase it by $40. Am I asking too much? I pay the water bill for the duplex. Only her son is on the lease.

Any thoughts and advice are welcome.

What you're proposing sounds completely fair to me.  I usually ask a small utility expense reimbursement like this when people have long-term guests/roomies.  There's the added water expense and a little wear and tear, too.  Good job, @Ayodeji Kuponiyi  !

Hello Ayodeji,

I think $40 is fair if that is how much you anticipate the water going up (where I am at $25 seems to cover it but we have fairly low water rates).  I would make her apply (and pay the fee to do so), pass your screening process, and then they sign a new lease with the same end date unless you guys agree to a different date.  Do you have the little clause about either party being responsible for the payments if the other one leaves?  I forget the wording but it helps if they all abandon/trash  the apartment- with that clause you can take anyone of them to court- sometimes you can't locate everybody.   

Increase the security deposit while you are add it- 2 people is more wear and tear on your unit.


My lease says an extra $50 per month for any occupant not on lease that has stayed there exceeding the limits that the lease spells out for being a guest. 

@Steve Vaughan   @Steve Babiak @Kelly N. thanks guys, the tenant agreed after an unnecessary cursing and yelling on his part smh. He wanted to break the lease and I showed him on the lease it states if he breaks it, not only does he has to pay $300 but he would have to pay the reminder of rent till October (which is when his lease ends). He came to his senses and agreed.

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