Where to find more information on property and owner?

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Hey guys,

I found a house in my neighborhood that looks pretty neglected, especially compared to others in the neighborhood. I've started to make a point go by it every couple of days and there seems to be no activity in the house. So I decided to snoop around the internet a little bit and see what I could find about it.

Couldn't find a whole lot but I did get the owner's name. So I started searching the internet for the owner's name and the city I'm in. However, there seems to be many people with similar names and searching the owner with the property itself only brings up some basic property records I've already seen. So where do I need to go to find out more about the property and it's owner and how to I go about it professionally?


County clerk office or building dept in your city should have more detailed info on the owner.

@Lelith Walker

Thanks for the information. Just one quick question. I'm looking up the County Clerk's office and the 2 positions I found are County Clerk of Court and County Clerk of Council. Are either of these the same as County Clerk you had mentioned in your post?

@Lelith Walker

Thanks again! This definitely sounds like what I'm looking for. One more question, just so I know what to expect going in there. Should I be expecting to pay for this service(I'm assuming it's a title search)?

In NY I get it for free online. In VA I had to pay $10. You have to ask the people in your county.

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