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So i have someone who is willing to fund one of my deals and also has the account to back it but i'm doing the deal what kind of letter does the backer have to sign to allow me to use her account as proof of funds 

@John Oitice Does she have an LLC of any kind set up? Maybe she write the POF in the LLC name and then provide a bank statement of some kind for you to submit.

No she does not but I do escro? Maybe also where in ct are you have have a deal going in danbury at the moment I don't have backing for you may be intrested in @michaelnoto

@John Oitice Danbury is a little out of the area I generally operate in.  I generally do business from Waterbury to Stoors (UCONN) from west to east, from the CT/MA border to New Haven on I-91 and the entire route 9 cooridor.

What kind of deal is it?  Send me details privately if you don't mind.  I know people who operate out there.

I've had private lenders simply write a letter and provide a bank statement. This satisfies Fannie Mae, so it should probably be adequate for anyone.

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