Please Help: Very Nice Duplex Under Contract...BUT

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The attic on the other had. There are several...and I do mean several split and bent beams and rafters. I need a structural engineer to inspect it. I am willing to move forward with the deal if the seller makes the repairs. My theory is that the roofing company were a little over zealous and may have caused the damage when the roof was replaced a year ago.

My question is will I have trouble reselling the property with those issues even if the beams and rafters are repaired. Is this a lasting stigma? Note: I do not ever plan on selling it because the location is a cash cow and had a very tight market prior to the real estate bubble. But, you should never say never so selling is an exit strategy for me.

Additional information below:

I will be an owner occupant of a duplex in Dallas. Will keep some of the details private for now because it is still within the option period.

The home is in a GREAT location and is aesthetically pleasing. We plan to do minor updates to maximize the rent. I am paying more than I would like but the market supports the purchase price and we will live in one side which reduces our current monthly expenditures by 80%.

In doing my due diligence I had a plumbing inspection (camera the line), roofing, foundation, HVAC and home inspection all done simultaneously. I did not wait on the home inspection report to bring out these companies.

The roof and foundation are fine. The plumber could not complete his inspection due to broken clean outs. That will need to be repaired by the owner before we continue with that. The HVAC on one unit is older so the compressor will need to be replaced.

No lasting stigma at all, as long as the repair is done correctly.

Thanks Josh,

Read in another forum that potential buyers will frown upon repairs like that so just wanted to check with other investors.

I agree with Josh

Lucky the structural issue is in a very accessible area. I do not think there will be an issue with potential buyers if the repair addresses the issue completely. If the owner is willing to do and pay for the needed repairs, those that you mentioned I think the deal is perfectly fine. I wouldn't worry about it. 

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