Colorado market

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does anyone have a website that I can get numbers with market growth? I have heard varies different answer but would like to see cold hard facts of where that market is in Colorado. 

Thank you


@Joe Crawford NAR (National Association of Realtors) does some numbers on regional basis and possibly a state wide basis. You can poke around this site. Really state wide data is fairly useless except to give you general trends on a long term basis. The thing to know is that the Denver Metro area skews the results for rural counties like Moffat and Baca.

For your local area, which is what you want, you should ask some local agents who publishes the data for your MLS area.

Here in Denver, Land Title a nationwide title company does a monthly summary as a part of their marketing. It's pretty cool stuff if you like numbers. You might try the local office up there. If they do it, and I think they probably do, ask to get on their email list and they will email you each month.

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