Buying in auction- how to do Title Search - Self?

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I am in Iowa and here title search companies don’t insure the title search results, they review and provide certified copies. Its biggest hurdle for me, does anyone know if I can do my own title search or may be upto some extent? We do have most of the information available from county online.

Let me know if anyone can help me to review title search with me and we can share opinion and will go further if everything looks good .

@Ron Singh ,

I'm a little unclear as to what you're looking at. Do you have copies of documents recorded against a property and need them reviewed? Or you haven't had any title search done and you're wanting to do that yourself? 

I've done lots of title work, some of it's easy, some is a major pain, I'm happy to take a look and give you my $.02

Keep in mind that most counties only have recent docs online. I've worked in some where if it was more than 10 years old you'd need to head back into the books and start reading indexes.

Yep, i am trying to do title search myself (as much i can) so i can filter-out properties myself and shortlist so i can filterout the crappy ones and then i can get the title search done for the few specific ones thru the title company. 

I will message you one property , let me know what do you think. 

@Ron Singh

  simple answer all docs are public record you have the right to research those at the county courthouse.. so you need to learn how to do your own title search basically .. and if this county is old school IE still using index books then its finding the recording numbers and searching back into the books and reading the line items..

MOst counties now a days at least have it in micro fiche or some other computer system.. but some still use the books.. I know in MS when I check title I have to crack open the books. but its no biggee for me I learned to do this in 1970 before title plants got computerized.. I still love the old books nothing better.

but its going to take you a lot of time just chaising down a few foreclosure but there probably is not that much activity were you live anyway.. like here in PDX there are 500 or more NOD 's filed each week so that's a lot of work.

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