Kansas City Deal... Accurate Vacancy Rate?

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Hello BP Community, I am looking at a deal in Kansas City on a duplex, and in my research I keep coming across vacancy rates of 4%-27% in KCMO. This is making it difficult to run the numbers. Is there anyone who uses a safe or accurate number who has experience investing in Duplexes in KCMO?

Any advice is appreciated.... Thanks!

@Steven Barros -What area of KC, MO is it in?  I have several properties in KC, MO and it really depends on the area.  You can PM me if you want and I can give you an idea of what to expect.

Thanks Brady,

I will PM you as well, but for the sake of conversation, it is by the zoo, and Swope park. I guess they would consider it south KC?

If it's near the zoo/swope park and west of 435, it's in a very rough area. The numbers may look good on paper, but be prepared for high turnover, vacancy, and repairs. Experienced local investors can make money there, but unless you have an amazing PM you're probably asking for trouble.

Raytown, east of the zoo, is a much better area.

agreed neiborhood is everthing i have a duplex for sale in indepance i70 and sterling for sale . and the rents are much lower than north of the river. 

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