Comps software

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I am looking for advice on what software ware programs are good for finding comps. I am currently using property farm. It is good but the renewal is a bit spendy.

A realtor can run a comparables report in MLS that can search using a current listing as subject house. The report takes 30 seconds to run and if sent monthly is a great asset, it's as easy to read as the comparable charts at the online Apple Store.

It depends on what market you're in. Most of the websites that have a nationwide presence get their data from aggregators, like ListHub. Zillow and Trulia get their data there. ListHub does not get Sold data however, which you need to create your comps. A couple sites, like Redfin, get real time data feeds directly from MLS's, allowing them to get the Sold data. With this they can create comps. Because these companies work directly with MLS's they're in limited markets. My company, Privy, partners with local MLS's as well. We are also real estate investor specific. We run algorithms on MLS data to identify and analyze potential investment properties. If you don't have an online resource in your market your best bet is going to be a realtor in your market who specializes in investment real estate.

Thanks, I have been using Trulia, Zillow, Realtors, and Title companies for comps. I also have anotherr program called Property Farm that I like alot because it provides a lot more info that it pulls from the county assessors office such as past and present owners, lenders, amounts owed, refies, addresses, phone numbers, maps plus comps. You can do radius searches, date parameters. You can search for FSBOS, REOS, preforclosure and more. Catagotize leads as hot, cold, dead and more. My subscrition ended and I was looking for something for less money. Using a combination of all the above seems to give me a more complete picture of the area. Also I can do nore searches faster. I ended up re subscribing to Property Farm because I couldnt find anything that could do what it can. I highly recomend it. Thanks for your responses.