Florida Investing

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I don't know if your question can be answered. No matter the market, you have to find a deal that makes sense. With everyone and their dead uncle investing in real estate these days, ZIRP fed policy, etc..deals are tough to find. You can buy in Miami or Orlando and generically speaking, most "investments" would not produce great if any returns. However, if you shop and are diligent, either market could produce a winner if you look long enough.

Hello Cristina,

I'd have to reiterate what John stated. Buying properties outright isn't going to warrant the returns that you'd expect from a solid investment property. Here in the Greater Orlando Area, there are plenty of small pockets that have characteristics of not being too overly priced, but at the same time, warranting solid rental returns. The key is to of course have great property management in place, rendering the process as simple as finding that ideal investment.

College Park, for example, is one area that is completely booming. Finding a flip in there at the right price is going to be a stellar deal if done correctly. Certain portions of Altamonte Springs, and to some degree the nicer parts of Sanford, have great deals and cap rates.

Good Luck on your journey! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.