How to Analyze Package of Properties??

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I recently got access to an off market package of 20 properties and am having trouble analyzing them. 

I could just plug the aggregate numbers into my analysis calculator and start there, but I don't want to overpay for houses just because they cash flow. IE: I could buy the package and get $10K Equity on one property and over-pay by $10K on another property.

Also, some might make better flips and others might make better buy and holds.

How have you guys analyzed them before? Advice is very welcome here.

I'm actually in the same boat right now but on a slightly smaller portfolio (12 houses).

The first question is this, is the package available to purchase separately or is it all or nothing? If the owner wont break it up then you first have to analyze the deal as a package.

Thee next step is figuring out your exit strategy. If you dont intend to hold all 20, then you have to run the number for what you will hold and what you will divest. Remembering to take into account any divesting costs, and subtract it from the positive of the helds. Dont forget transactional costs as well here. Plus tax considerations for short term holds etc.

I don't usually deal in packages. But the bank gave me a package of 69 sfr's that are all turn key. I need to look at as many of the houses as I can. I don't want to risk selling "junk" to an investor, even though the bank said they're very well maintained.  It looks like a great deal, but how in the world do you analyze 69 properties? I can have my team look up all of the pertinent information on them, but the bank won't allow me to go into each house. I'm wondering if anyone has a "sneaky" way of getting in to see these properties. They're all located in the south suburbs of Chicago, so I won't need to travel very far to see each one. I know I've used the "inspection" line before. Does anyone have other good ones?

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