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I am very interested in a Fourplex property because of the location. Since this will my first rei I'm very apprehensive, and although it seems like a good deal. I have no clue how to analyze if it's a good buy or not or how to figure out what each tenant is getting charged for rent.

Read some of the guides here on BP, and use the BP calculator.  I would not recommend going into a deal unless you know the market you're buying in, and you know it's a good, cashflowing deal by the numbers.  

The REI business is littered with people who felt a deal was good "in their gut" but it turned out to b ea nightmare. Smart investors know what they're going into, not just hoping and thinking it's a good deal. Numbers don't lie.

I would also suggest after you run your numbers, post the details to the forums, and let experienced investors comment on your potential purchase, this is very helpful.  Good luck, and happy investing!