Short Sale Deal Analysis?

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Hello - I had a post similar to this before, just looking to keep experimenting and learning how to correctly analyze properties I may be interested in.  Is there a way to attach documents to a post?

I found a property in my searching that is a short sale and looks like it would be a great deal.  Can anyone help take a look at my numbers and tell me if anything looks out of line?  The property is located here:

Again, im interested to see how accurate my numbers look (ie taxes/closing costs/cap ex/rent/ect.).?  I'm starting to get the hang of the spreadsheet and where to look in my search for justification of numbers.


Disclaimer: I didn't look at all the figures - but it does look like you're getting the hang of analyzing a property to death. The three outcomes I look at first are: Cost; ARV; and ROI.

Number one rule for me: I want to see MY Cost to be no more than 70% of ARV. (ie: fail).

Everything else can be a moving target, contingent also on OTHER factors than just statistics.

eg. It's a duplex - with just ONE driveway - shows cars being parked, blocking that driveway?

Again: fail. Get what I mean? Thanks for sharing. Keep up your good research. All the best...

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