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@Andrew Foster  I've looked at a few houses up in Yucca Valley in my wholesaling business. I'm not so sure it's such a good area for flips but it is possible. I just don't think you can make enough per flip to make it worth your while.

But buying for rentals, Yucca Valley is a very good cash flow area in Southern California. Only it's a secret to most SoCal investors. So if you find something to rent go for it.

I consider 30K making money.. if you do to, than yucca valley will absolutely work for flips

Landers is hot right now for some reason as well.. 

realtors tell me that 29 palms has amazing deals (But I just don't want to drive there)

I would say avoid the bad and very good parts of town... and just focus on bread/butter properties.   buy 2/2 for 60-70 and flip for 110-120  and 3/2 for 100-110  flip for 145-165. 

Sewer Assessment Phase 1 costs are right around the corner... so be aware of that.. and be aware of "flood zone" properties.. which buyers will have to pay $1700 a yr extra for insurance

good article in DesertSun  Dec 28, 2016



2. The hot high desert. Home prices in Joshua Tree and neighboring Yucca Valley climbed about 30 percent between summer 2015 and summer 2016. The boom, local real estate agents and residents said, is most pronounced among tiny cabins and sprawling ranches out among the high desert's boulders and Joshua trees. Of course, many of these properties have also become vacation rentals. But after several years of write-ups in architecture and design publications, plus Pioneertown in the New York Times this year, locals said the secret is out.

"For us, the deal was, we can find something relatively inexpensive and fix it up and not break the bank... but like any good thing, when people find out about it, it starts to change," said Frederick Fulmer, a former flipper who now operates four vacation rentals.

@Andrew Foster You want to look for working class areas which you can find in Beaumont, Banning, parts of Cathedral City and on the east side of the Palm Springs airport. There are others but those are reasonably close by.

You might find the occasional house to flip in Yucca Valley or Joshua Tree just make sure there's a profit.  

Have you ever gone to real estate investing clubs to meet other investors?

@Andrew Foster Hey just following up on the thread here 10 months later, how are you doing? Yucca Valley I think is a great place to flip homes and I agree with @David Jarvi I consider making 30k a good thing. There are some great areas here in town and some areas you would be afraid to drive by! It also comes down to price - you make your money when you buy is the saying.....the market in Yucca Valley is in high demand.. and do not even get me started on Joshua tree. Average PPSF is about $135 and more if you are in desirable areas. The home prices in Landers are also going up because the town is growing and people are looking for a lot more land for their buck. 29 Palms is also growing they are in the works of getting a new Starbucks, I do not know about you but I think Starbucks knows what its doing as far as real estate. 29 Palms is further out and I agree driving there is kind of a hassle but for the thousands of military members there its just a stones throw away - us military guys will do anything to get out of the barracks! . They are also revamping the downtown area which is definitely needed. Change is happening NOW in our small towns, some people like it and some do not. As far as flipping now is the best time to get your foot in the door, tomorrow is today and tomorrow never comes right? Get out there and make your financial freedom a reality! Good luck Andrew wish you the best. 

Paul Padilla

I have these three Yucca Valley Rentals under contract for $455. I’d like to make $15K so $470K

56784 Anaconda rented $1000 Value $160K
7221 Murray rented $1500 Duplex Value $200K
7221 Rubidoux rented $1100 Value $182K
$545K value
All come with 10 months new home warranty

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