Short term/ vacation rentals in Cleveland

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Hello all,

I am considering purchasing a short term rental property in the Cleveland area. More specifically, rural east of Cleveland. The thought is to possibly rent it as a lodge like property. Great place to hunt in fall. Fish in summer spring and snow mobile in winter. A few questions to everyone. Does anyone have experience with short term rentals in Cleveland? Any experience with rural short term rentals? Is there any management companies in Cleveland that specialize or at least have some experience with short term rentals?

Thanks everyone

From what I've read around the forums and my experience with the area, it doesn't seem to be particularly good for STRs. And if you're in a rural area, you're going to have a tough time getting a manager to look after it. If you live in the area and aren't put off by a lot of vacancies, then it could be a nice getaway spot for you, but I wouldn't bank on any decent returns unless it's a super desirable property. Even out in the mountains in WA, near where I live, STR cabins don't stay booked consistently and we have one of the wealthiest cities just a couple hours away.

I've had a hard enough time just trying to find a decent traditional property manager in OH!

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