Software for analyzing multiple deals

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Is there a software that analyzes deals for you? If someone wanted to analyze hundreds of deals fast , how would that person do that ?

@Nina Ibrahimbegovic

Deals aren't something that you should be analyzing hundreds quickly. Deals will make or break you. Not only do you need to verify and vet the inputs (people will lie and tell you pro forma numbers, always look for the trailing 12 and don't use rosy projections). Once you've actually done some deals, then it gets quicker and easier. I see that you're a normal member or you could use BP's calculators. I can hook you up with free software to analyze flipping and rehab deals but it's not made to analyze 100s of deals fast. It's for one deal at a time, and it includes projections into the future based on different assumptions that you can tweak.

@Nina Ibrahimbegovic  

I second @Ray Lai recommendation. My bread and butter is valuation and strategic planning (corporate finance) and I can tell you that quality definitely beats quantity. It's better to do analysis on 10-20 deals in your market and truly understand what's going on as opposed to doing "hundreds" of deals and not really understanding your market. 

If you have any specific questions or areas of concerns, the forums are a great place to inquire. I can always help if you let me know if there is a particular issue you're having trouble with. 

Excel is the best way to go for all of the financial analysis necessary. Once you are familiar with a market and the process, you should be able to screen your hundreds of deals with a quick glance and only choose a handful for a deeper analysis using a spreadsheet. From there you can do comparable analysis online as well as other due diligence items once under contract.

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