Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer, no references

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Hi All,

So i found a real estate agent and loan officer thru bigger pocket referrals and was ready to meet with them.....until i asked for references AND both hit me with what I feel to be a lame excuse. "I can't give my client's personal info out, but please see the testimonials on *insert social media and business web address here*. Is this normal or is my gut right and should I stop this relationship before it starts?

Thanks for your input!

Yes and No. There may be privacy laws in the state that prevent them from disclosing such information. In Texas, they can give you names and addresses, but not phone numbers or sales price on the property. Ethically speaking, the agent may not want to violate their customers privacy even if allowed to share the information.

Think about it this way. You bought a house from the agent, then he just starts giving out your number as a reference, and you have random strangers calling you. What would you say? Do?

I would look at Yelp or the BBB for references and testimonials. Follow your gut, for sure though. 

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