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Hi everyone!   I'm new to wholesaling.  I have what is potentially my first wholesale deal, well partnered with someone else, and was hoping somebody could give me their opinion.  Btw, I have 10 days including today to find a buyer.  First, a little background.  I took a class, and one of the people in my class who had been doing wholesaling for a while and who lives in another part of my state contacted me to say that he had partnered with a lady on a potential deal who lives a couple towns over from me who had gotten a property under contract with a seller.  However, she did not have a cash buyer's list.  So, she contacted him based upon one of his "we buy houses" signs that she had seen.  He then contacted me because I have a list of cash buyers for the lady's area.  She said she would split 50% of her profit with him if he found a buyer who purchased the property.  He, in turn, said he will split 50% of his profit with me if I find a buyer who purchases the property.  He said his profit will be 5k.  He sent me the contract she signed to partner with with him, as well as a contract for me to sign (which I haven't done yet) to partner with and split 50% with him on this deal.  He said, however, he doesn't have the original contract between her and the seller.  Is that a red flag, or does that not matter?  He told me in a text that she has the property under contract for 70k, and the homeowner's asking price is 75k, and that the plan is to find a cash buyer for 97k.  With those numbers being the way they are is that enough information for me to verify his profit is really only 5k so that I can be sure that I'm getting 50% of the real amount?  What if he is making more, but only telling me that he is making 5k?  How can I be sure?     

@Chris A.

You're report link isn't working so I can't see it.

First you need to determine if this is even a deal. What are the numbers for a potential flipper:

Purchase Price? Rehab cost? Holding costs/selling cost? ARV?

Once you know it's a good deal. You need to see the actual contract, if they can't provide that, then no deal. 

Once you see the contract, you'll know how much of a spread people are making. 

Frankly, this is the type of wholesaling I really dislike and brings us a bad reputation. A bunch of people passing the baton around aimlessly. 

Pratik, I'm grappling with the feeling of wanting to get my first deal done, and being able to walk through it with someone else, but my spidey senses are saying, "something is not all the way right."  I do NOT want to be shady in this business, because that isn't who I am, and I don't want to get roped into anything shady simply because I don't know things well enough yet to spot everything that someone more seasoned would spot.  If I can't get the contract to see the spread then this will have to be a deal in which I won't be able to participate.  Thank you very much for your input!