[Calc Review] Newbie here, this is one potential property for me.

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Originally posted by @Keith Ghion :

No utilities listed, everything sub metered? Lawncare, trash, snow removal etc.?

 I DID say I was a newbie haha utilities would be on the tenants. Lawn care/snow removal would be about $25 a month. I will edit the report now

Hi Adam,

From what I've read I can tell you that the numbers look pretty good. A 16% CoC return is great. The only thing I would advise on is estimating capex and repairs a little higher you always want to estimate conservatively. Also I've listened to Scott Trench say that when he uses the calculators he estimates that expenses and income increase in unison. Try running these numbers and seeing what happens to your CoC return and monthly cash flow. Good luck!

Shayan Soltanian