Manufactured or possibly modular

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I am under contract for a home near Memphis, TN. The listing agent says it is a modular home and it’s stated as such on the disclosure forms. However my home inspector found a metal tag on the side of the home that indicates it is a manufactured home, as well as the steel frame he found underneath the home. The tax assessor has the home documented as a modular home. Before I go on with this, I would like to know if the home being manufactured can cause the home not to appreciate and if maintenance is more on manufactured homes? Also should the type of home worry me?

There are a few differences between a modular and a manufactured home. The modular has a floor structure designed to be supported by a parameter wall foundation. A manufactured home (mobile) has a floor structure to be set on piers with outriggers to support the exterior walls. A modular on a parameter foundation with crawl space or basement will likely appreciate if on private lot where as a manufactured home in most areas will depreciate. This may not be the case in highly expensive/appreciating markets such as CA. 

Aside from the floor structure in a modular home (larger joists) the homes are built essentially to the same standards depending on the manufacturer.

Check the hydro cabinet door and find out the manufacturer.

Modular, Manufactured- for comparable stick home, the quality for both is superior, as fewer/no  mistakes are going to be made in measurement, cutting, etc. No pregnancy walls and such. The difference between the two: modular are also known as 'ship flat' (and assembled from panels/modules on site) , manufactured as shipped 3D or such, in one piece.