Multi-family live-in Flip BRRR Question

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Bought our first duplex and are going to utilize a live in flip BRRR strategy. We plan on reno-ing the upstairs unit we’ll be living in while a tenant is already downstairs. Then, when that is completed, move downstairs (rent the upstairs) and do the same down there. My question is in regard to the cash out refi after all renos are done. Is it correct in assuming its best for the bank to see the two units rented fully with us not living there instead of us living in one unit, renting the other, then doing the refi? Will having both units rented give us a better appraisal? Or does it not matter? I know the bank wants a good debt coverage ratio. Any help appreciated.

Hey @Nick Causa , did anyone ever send you some info on this?  Or, did you happen to find an answer?  Came across this and hoped someone would respond soon as my family and I are looking to do the same :)  

Also, how is this working out for you so far??

Scratch that, I found it - in BP article about the BRRR strategy:

R — Rent

Banks rarely want to refinance a property that isn’t occupied so renting usually needs to come first. I have talked about the importance of screening before, and it’s critical to screen diligently so you get tenants that will pay each month. But it’s also important on the financing side. While appraisers shouldn’t take too much into account about how clean and pleasant the tenant is, as noted above, everyone is human and such impressions can make a difference. It’s important not to forget this.