Business plan for PM company acquisition

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I am looking to acquire multiple property management companies in my home state of Texas. I am looking to see if anyone may know of a good templated business plan that they can point me into the right direction or share for this model. Any help would be much appreciated.

We had completed 4 management acquisitions in Metro Atlanta and paused three years ago as the market rebounded because every management company's portfolio began to shrink due to accidental owner portions choosing to sell their rentals as housing prices rose.  You will have attrition even with an amazing post-merger integration plan.  There are many components to successful acquisitions, similarity, composition, how to value, value-add and other.  If you haven't acquired previously, caution not to attack on multiple fronts right at a time, learn from it and improve as you go...we are 1000% better equipped to acquire from the prior experiences...they do take time after acquisition for dust to settle and for you to see the effect as well as what strains it puts on your existing processes and infrastructure.  You really need your business to be zero-defect, efficient and high touch before you acquire as those owners will be looking carefully whether to stay or go.  MHO.

Greg Kurzner