[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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This looks like a good deal based on my knowledge... These are actual numbers from the bank disclosure. I may have not entered the correct vacancy, water bill electric bills information they could be possibly a little higher. Thanks in advance. Mitch 

I have a couple questions looking at your report. The ARV is $9000.00 less than what you're paying for it?? are you trying to BRRR it? if so, then aren't you leaving $80,000 of your own money in the deal?? if so, is $5736/year in cash flow worth tying up $80,000?? I would say no.

Martin et.al So since then I'm now Getting a guaranteed 5.5 % interest rate. That drops my Mtg Payment by another $30 /month. The ARV is $350k estimated. I'm collecting $1,850 per apartment there are two. MTG. Payment is 2,000k /Month including taxes and insurance. I'm an holding as a long term rental.

not sure what you mean by BRRR ?

@Mitch Balgobin Your expenses, vacancy, management and CapEx seem to low. I typically estimate 10% for management (unless you are managing yourself), 8-10% for vacancy, 5-7% for capEx and 5-7% for repairs. $90K seems like a lot to have left in the deal.

BRRR is the strategy you're using. Buy Rehab Rent Refinance. So you're not leaving $90,000 of your own money in the deal?? as long as you're ok with that (not sure I would be) then the numbers make sense. I would say your estimates are a little low, but you got $500 in cash flow to play with.