Thoughts on Investing in Abington, MA

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There has been a ton of development and renovation to the town of Abington, MA. I heard there is land being bought out for new development and such. I was wondering if investing in Abington be worth now and/or in the future....thoughts?

@Thomas Phu I've done business in Abington, and it's a good town.

Home prices there are moderate, with the cost for an 3/2 SFR ranging from $251K (REO needing rehab) to $489K.

It's close enough to Boston for commuters to drive, plus there's MBTA Commuter Rail access.  Lots of nearby shopping, dining, etc.  According to, the crime rates there are well below average.

I'd avoid the areas that border Brockton though.  I sold my Pastor's home there a few years ago - about a thousand feet from the Brockton line.  He took a price hit of about $30K as a result of that location.  I'd recommend that you stay 1/2 mile or so to the east.

@Thomas Phu I don't think that's a universal truth.  There are deals on the South Shore, but it takes two things to find them:

1. Persistence.  You have to keep at it.  We're still in an ultra-strong seller's market.

2. Readiness.  Have your financing completely buttoned up and ready to go at a moment's notice.

Do those two things and you'll vastly improve your chances of finding a deal with sufficient meat on the bone.