[Calc Review] Help me analyze this deal

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@Allen Smith this is not the deal for you. Your cash on cash is 2.6% with your numbers.You can get that at a bank and not have any tenant headaches. Every beginner does not have enough capex. I am estimating the sf at 1200 sf per level so 2400 sf of flooring. If the flooring is new today it has a life span of 8 years. 2400 * $6 sf=  $14400 /8 /12 months in a year =  $150 per month for floor capex. Your capex budget needs to include roof,hvac,hot water heater, appliances, etc. I use 23 % for my analysis for vacancy,repairs and capex When a tenant moves out it is hard to categorize what the repair is, like painting an apartment. It could come out of any of the categories.