Am I too new for a potential deal?

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I am brand new. Like weeks. I’m still in the informational stage I feel like but I just come across a package deal for to single family homes with renters already in place in both. I ran the numbers and there the cap rate is 12 and the the gross monthly is a bit more than one percent of asking price. I need to look at the expenses a bit closer but there is upside for a garage apartment in one of the units which would add another stream of revenue. Also I think there could be some owner financing options. Can anyone give me thoughts? What questions should I be asking that I am not? What numbers should I be running that I have not? THANKS!

When I was new, I made sure to start small. That way it minimized the value of my mistakes I made while I learned.

There is a great saying. "You dont know what you dont know"

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