Making an offer (Jedi mind trick)

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While watching a BP video on YouTube a few weeks ago, I heard Brandon mention a technique he uses for making an offer that I really liked. Fast forward to today, I'm close to making an offer but cannot recall the technique exactly. It was like a Jedi mind trick where he gives multiple offers at the same time (which changes the sellers mindset from a "no" to a "which one"). Can anyone tell me which video that was or copy the link so I can watch it again? Or do you recall the specifics around that technique? I really wanna nail this deal. Thanks

@John Gatsoulas , the 3 offers look something like this:

  1. Cash offer at 15% below asking
  2. Bank-financed at 5% below asking
  3. Seller-financing at 10% above asking

You need to determine those percentages and what deal points work for you with each scenario, but that's the general idea.