I came access this deal. Wanted some opinions.

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It's 2 quadplex buildings. Taxes are based off 2020 tax records. I used insurance rates based off the current quadplex that I own. Properties built in 1984 and is updated so I don't suspect they'll be that expensive.

@Mike Shulman - are you paying for any common area lighting, lawn care/landscaping, etc?  I would budget for a PM even if you do it yourself.  Don't factor in the "job" of property management into making the deal look better.  Treat it separate, and if you want to pay yourself $1000/mo to self-manage then go for it.  Are you paying cash for it?  I don't see a mortgage.  What if you decide to refinance later to buy another deal?  I would run that scenario as well.  Ultimately, its still probably a good deal.