Non Disclosure States for Direct Mail Marketing

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There are several states that are non disclosure states and you can't access information from companies like ListSource.  Montana is one of them.  This has it's positive and negatives.  Positive, you can't find out what property sells for so it's keeping the I Buyers at bay.... the negative is you can't direct mail market to specific demographics.   I know there are other states with this issue, does anybody have any suggestions on how to direct mail market besides doing the Every Door Direct program through USPS?

Contact a few Brokers and ask for their top Investor Realtor. A good investor realtor can data mine for you . I create mailing lists for my investor clients that are better then companies like ListSource. (I have a computer consulting background).

I charge a T&M fee to create,produce and update these lists
I print,stuff and mail their mailings for them
Part of my service includes Buyer Agency and an agreement to List any properties they fix and flip.

These services and fees are reasonable to pay as it helps you achieve your goals.

Interview a few agents and find a match that suits your needs.

Any agent can do this for you, but only a good agent can do it well for you.

LOL, I now see you are an agent, you can do this through your MLS

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This is exactly the topic I've been wondering about Melissa, thanks for bringing it up. I was just getting ready to start using ListSource then realized that they don't sell any lists in Montana. I've reached out to Melissa Direct but don't have very high hopes. Reaching out to an investor-focused agent is a really good idea, thanks Brian. 

This was about a year ago, did you ever figure something out Melissa?

@Melissa Zimmermann

@Barron Peper Hi Barron, thank you for circling back.  No updates.  Non disclosure states make it really tough.  Driving for $$ is about the best I've found, and that's marginal.  Technically, in Montana, you can't use the county assessor's information to mail out solicitations.  You can always go door to door, but renters and vacancies would be more difficult.

I'm a little late to the party but wanted to jump in. I live in KS which is also another non-disclosure state. I've found leads through direct mail to divorce records, crime records, and driving for $ apps. Most of the apps you have to pay for data but they're able to provide ownership records. Otherwise, typically the county websites will have a search tool for those records.

Obviously, it's more time consuming to go this route and there's no way of knowing equity. It's a numbers game. Get enough marketing material out there and eventually 1-1000 will bite. 

I'm interested to hear what everyone else is doing?