How do you gauge a markets supply & demand?

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Hey BP community!

New to real estate investing. What are some tools that are available when it comes to gauging the market of a city or an area? When ppl say there is a "high demand but a low supply there... " I'm curious as to where to find the frameworks for that information.

Do you just keep an eye on prices in that area? Ask an agent to share their MLS? Download a certain app? Look at the size of value of the areas school systems? Thank you in advance :)

You can find the months' supply of the market to help determine if the market is a buyers market or sellers market.

You can calculate the months of supply by dividing the total number of homes for sale over the number of homes sold in one month. For example, if you search in a neighborhood and notice that there are 30 homes for sale but only 10 homes actually sold last month, it means that there are 3 months of supply left in the market.

6 months supply is considered a balanced market. More than that is a buyers market. Less than that is a sellers market. Fed data is currently showing the national average is 3 months supply your market may vary.

You can find this data using Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, etc.

I love podcasts for getting me through my work day.  I've recently started listening to local podcasts in the markets I'm watching because they will talk about new tax laws, new companies coming in and bringing jobs and other relevant trends.  

@Turok Tarango

This is an easy task for a local expert agent.  Where ever you are, line yourself up with an investor friendly agent and ask them monthly.  What is the current supply and demand and which direction is it trending?

I provide this data within 5 minutes of the question, because as a licensed Agent, we have access to last months historical data.  If you have been tracking it, you can easily see the trend line..

I am not aware of any consumer app that will supply this amount of hyper local data.

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Total Sold Dollar Volume392,117,952up39.3%up9.1%
Closed Sales1,067up21.7%+7.6%
Median Sold Price$350,000up11.1%-1.4%
Average Sold Price$369,682up14.3%+1.6%
Median Days on Market8 daysdown57.9%-11.1%
Average Days on Market21 daysdown43.2%-12.5%
Median Price per Sq Foot$195up15.4%+3.2%
Average Price per Sq Foot$204up12.1%+3%