Support Local Businesses

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A lot of local businesses have taken a hit right now. Here are some easy ways to support them: 1. Write a positive review 2. Tell your friends and family 3. Follow them on social media 4. Engage with their posts 5. Sign up for their newsletter 6. Give them a shoutout and tag them in a post of your own! #SupportLocalBusinesses

Let’s discuss other creative ways we can do this.

Christopher J. Roche

Boston Ma,

Great thought @Christopher J. Roche .  I found out recently my local coffee shop shut it's doors.  Going to an independent pharmacy is an idea.  Last I checked band aids were the same everywhere.  Plus, you get to chat with a cool person, and learn about their background.  Cheers for the reminder.

Most importantly, contact your politicians and tell them to let local businesses open back up. My states unemployment levels are back to pre-COVID. We never had full shut downs and in the process lost very few businesses. My state COVID numbers are even better than states with shut downs. These continued closures are just an assault on small business.