Becoming a real estate agent

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Hello World,

I am seeking some inform or guidance on how to acquire real estate educational classes to receive a license. I believe that is the first step in becoming an agent; but nonetheless, any guidance on how to become an agent will be well appreciated?

Hey @jonathan lane,

From my experience, you can either take an online class, get a book, or attend an in class program. Depending on your time schedule or the way you learn will depend on the route you take. When I started I used a book but the information was too dry to absorb so after spending months and extra money extending, I enrolled into an in class program. The school had an exam that needed to be passed before you could sit for the state exam. I have taken classes through "The CE Shop" and I am enrolled in an online class to receive my brokers license. Ill provide the link below. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

YOu need to take 60 hours of RE classes then take a test to make sure you learned on those 60 hours, send background check and then take a state exam.. ( and pass) :)   After , Look for a brokerage and also affiliate yourself with a RE board .   My opinion best way to do it Fast an easy  with no hassle and pay less, ( for the 60 hours) ( they will  guide you for the following steps...  )  

Or if you are not that discipline to take it online , I suggest to google or search or ask   around your area for the best Present class RE school...  And Also You can get a good study with the "prep agent "  is a youtube channel ... thats to go over your lessons and accelerate your learning and understanding of terms .

In IL you now (2021) have to have a real estate license if you sell more than 2 properties a year.  So if you are a true investor/flipper you will have to have a license.  Does not apply to leasing your own properties.  So if you don't want to get your license find a good agent to work with.