Hi everyone. I live in San Diego with a rent moratorium in place and here is what I would do. Please feel free to share with me your thoughts on this approach.

If reached out by a tenant, I would submit them a letter that per the moratorium, a late payment should be "due to a loss of income or substantional medical expenses, caused by COVID19 pandemic." Therefore, they need to submit the following to be eligible for late payment. They will be legally held for any incorrect info.
1.Proof of loss of job or substantial medical Coronavirus expenses
2. Proof of not having adequate fund in all bank accounts to pay rent. Bank statements required.

3. Commitment to prioritize rent over other loans and debt payments

If they do submit them and sign the form, I will waive late fee and work with them for a payment plan. I understand the moratorium does not stop landlords from submitting the notice to pay or quite and then unlawful detainer! They just stop the eviction. So I would still go through this process in case the tenant does not pay the rent as planned.