Hamilton Ontario - SFH Property Insurance provider?

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Hey everyone - just looking for recommendations for property insurance for a SFH investment property in Hamilton. Rental property in question is a 3/2 SFH in the Bayfront area. House is 1911 construction date. I'm being quoted approx $150/month from my current provider... this seems high to me but I don't have much of a baseline.

Just curious to hear what people are paying for property insurance currently in Hamilton, if this is in the correct ball park for insurance, and if anyone has a recommendation for an alternate provider if it's out of whack.   I'd prefer a provider that doesn't require that I also move the insurance on our primary  home.

Thanks, looking forward to your responses.

Hi Iain,

I own 4 properties (2 of them down your way),so have experience in rentals, but also own an insurance agency.

I sent you an inbox, if you wanted to reach out I could run you a quote within about 5-10min. 

I can definitely tell you almost every insurance company will require you to bring your primary residence over as well (or you will pay hand over fist as a rental standalone).

Hi Iain,

I've got 3 properties in Hamilton:

1.  3bed/1 bath upstairs, 2bed/1 bath downstairs on Upper Gage, not legal duplex.  Paying $1313.28/year.

2.  3bed/1 bath upstairs, 1 bed/1bath downstairs in Red Hill neighbourhood, not legal duplex.  Paying $1629.66/year.

3.  3bed/1bath upstairs, 2 bed/1 bath downstairs in Hampton Heights, LEGAL duplex.  Paying $1419.12/year.

Never had to include my personal residence in this...but maybe that's because I don't have one.   

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