Hello BP Greater Vancouver

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Hello BP Canada. 

Rookie investor here. Just want to say hello and thank you for the wealth of generous information spread across this forum. 

I moved to White Rock BC about a year ago from Ontario and looking to meet like minded individuals in the Greater Vancouver area to connect with and bounce ideas off of. 

My parents were and still are invested in both SF & MF property in BC so I have seen some behind the scenes of the ups and downs of managing apartment buildings, tenant grow ops in basements, capital gains and losses. 

I currently only have one SFH rental in London Ontario but would like to expand strategically over the next 5 years.

PS. also looking for an accountant in Greater Vancouver..

All the best

@RJ Marcellin welcome to BP! There are quite a few Metro Vancouver investors on the forums, but not many invest in BC.  I have a good accountant in Port Moody... happy to connect you if you'd like a referral.  Send me a DM.