Buildium vs Payyourrent

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My property manager uses buildup, its pretty good but the user can get lazy with it and not have all the details show u where ether belong.    I haven't used the other one. 

I use Buildium, and I've been pretty happy with the program.  It has many features, but I am currently only using it to accept rent online, manage maintenance requests and write checks.  It can do a lot more, and I am slowly moving on to use more of the features.  I would one day like to use it to have a tenant portal and owner portal on my website.  That way, I can stop emailing accounting each month, and owners can just have real time access to their accounts whenever they want.

It's almost comparing apples to oranges, because Buildium is a MUCH more feature rich property management platform. It includes all of the features available through payyourrent, plus full accounting, tenant lifecycle, website portal for owners/residents, etc. 

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