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Have any of you PocketHeads used to wholesale properties?

I did a search on some properties in AZ and it came back with only 3 properties.

Only 3 properties?  Am I missing something?  Really?

do not waste your time with that site @Chas Fabiano  get in your car and start driving your area to learn as much as you can about the neighborhoods as possible,write down the address of houses that look in distress, look up the houses on your local gis system  and send them a letter to buy

meet as many people as possible at your local reia group 

good luck 

I guess you have your answer @Chas Fabiano   lol. I've never heard of it myself.

The site has no traffic and no deals. The profits listed are flat out lies. They assume no closing costs, no holding costs and no selling costs.  I think it is pretty much unanimous here. 

I totally agree fellow PocketHeads...garbage in...garbage out.  Everybody out there trying to make a buck on newbies buying or trying everything in site.  Analysis Paralysis will kill your dreams.  Don't overthink it or reinvent the wheel.  Thank you for this forum.

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