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Has anyone used Seed Capital LLC to establish business credit card accounts. They are offering to charge me a fee of $3500 to establish $50,000 minimum zero % interest for 12 month card. Is this a good deal or a waste of $3500?


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If this is the "Seed Capital LLC" based in Georgia, with entity ID 2608853, they are in Noncompliance with the GA Secretary Of State

That's enough for me to not use them, but that's me. If they can't or won't spend the few bucks to be a legit company, why bother?

@Chris Licavoli I just found this post. I recently started working with Seed Capital and so far had a positive experience.

You can also read more in this forum too:

As an FYI, this is the general way it works with Seed Capital. If you are trying to get credit cards for your business, Seed helps you. They are able to determine the maximum amount of credit you can get and which banks are most likely to approve you. This is always changing because banks change their policies on a monthly basis. They have a proprietary software that takes into account thousands of applications they do for their customers each month and can tell based on your situation which are the best banks to apply to for credit.

You may have the question, can I apply for credit it cards myself, since I had the same question. In fact before I started working with them, I already had substantial business and personal credit. Well, you can do a lot yourself. It is just a question of how much new credit you want or need for your deals.

Also, if you need help on the investing side or have any other questions, feel free to reach out to me.

Also one more thought. I read Chris's note about looking up a company in Georgia. Seed is not based in Georgia, they are based in Las Vegas, NV (near Summerlin). I have been to their office. Here is a link to their Better Business Bureau page so you can check yourself. 

BBB Seed Capital Page

David, this post is 2 years old. Note the first word in my post is IF. The OP never posted back, so you don't know if he is talking about his seed capital (OP is from GA) or the one you found... or the one in any other state. If he is in GA, it is a fair assumption the ONLY Seed Capital registered in his state is who he is talking about. The GA company has been Administratively Dissolved per GA SOS.

How much does this NV based Seed Capital company charge for procuring business Credit for you?

If you have a good credit score, 800 or above, can’t you just go apply for 0% interest business credit cards on your own and not have to pay a fee?