Appfolio Bookkeeping Services?

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Does anyone know any good Appfolio bookkeeping services or perhaps a couple bookkeepers that are Appfolio experts? We love the software but are spending too much time using it. 

Also any thoughts on what we should expect to pay per hour would be helpful. 

Thank you! 

That's good to know. Their sales people pitch that customers spend comparatively little time on the bookkeeping functions, so maybe the sales people can provide an answer as to why? 


It does take time, but if you have employees who are getting:

-- tenant agreement signed, they should enter the tenant details right away

-- work orders 

------call in - enter it in the app right away - so when you receive the bill - it should copy over all the details - at this point you have to decide, the amount you are charging the owner and paying the vendor

-------online - it should sync with the software you are using - does it? May be this is the best way to reduce the time

-- any bills, reconciliation, management fees, markups, etc would have to be accomplished as well.

Can you check your employees duties and see where you can change some processed and procedures.

Bookkeeping rates can vary from $15.00 to $125.00 an hour or you can find someone on a monthly basis.  After you find a bookkeeper, you need someone to check their work. That is the key. 

We teach and drill this down to everyone = write down the process, procedures for everything. Now you have your own guide and manual for that person performing their duties. 

Gita Faust

Thanks @Gita Faust

Given the size of Appfolio, I'm somewhat surprised there are not more bookkeeping firms that have specialized in their software. I suppose I'll just have to train a bookkeeper to learn their software.

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This post has been removed.

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