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I'm looking into a franchise opportunity that will fit my needs and business goals. I'm a new real estate broker with little experience on the sales side of real estate. What would be a good franchise for a beginner? I'm not new to business and have owned franchises before, but not real estate related. The company I am investigating is Assist-2-Sell. 

Thank you for your help guys!

Are you looking for a real estate investing franchise or an agent brokerage like Keller Williams?

I have seem a couple of franchise out there for REI (HomeVestors and New Western) but personally I don't understand them and how they work. What are you looking to do in real estate, list and sell? Wholesale? Flip? etc? This would be the first thing to ask yourself, find out what you want to do then find someone doing that and see how you can work with them.

I presently flip and restore historic homes, simply because I love doing that. I'm also a broker, but I want to purchase a real estate franchise i.e. RE/Max, Exit Realty, United Country, etc. I know a Century 21 or RE/Max will probably not sell me a franchise due to lack of experience. I'm not a top producer.

Ok I see, I don't know all that much on real estate agencies and how their franchise work but I know that most of them are fairly easy to setup shop with. Sorry I couldn't be more help but I know there are alot of Realtor's on here that should be able to get your foot in someone door.

Good Luck

@Randy Wolpin

Depending on the laws in your State - you might just consider starting your own brokerage instead of purchasing a franchise?  If you are looking for another stream of revenue by managing agents I would think you could start your own...I have been involved in a RE brokerage franchise and there were some benefits but depending on your goals I would think you could set up your own if you know how to run a business and have a good reviewing broker in place?  

You might also consider networking with current franchise owners in your area.  You might be surprised to find someone wanting to sell their franchise or some ownership shares.  

Best of Luck!

Thanks Lisa! I'll try that for sure. I'm not super experience with managing other agents, but that might be why I have to consider the franchise option. Plus, the benefit from the systems and equity from growing the business under a branded concept. Thank you so much!

For what you want to do it sounds like a waste of time.

I have had my own brokerage since 2007 ( licensed since 2004 ) . I have had a bunch of agents at one point and got rid of them all. Tons of drama and not much of a return on investment.

These days I do my own investments and work with clients one on one and couldn't be happier.

Assist - to- sell is a discount type company platform that has been around for awhile. I do not see how restoring Victorian houses fits into the discount model. I think if you started your own niche brokerage focused on restoring older houses then when you go to list houses for sellers of these homes you would have the network and experience over a traditional broker/agent model. I wouldn't discount at all but instead add valuable services others are not doing to differentiate yourself from the marketplace. Then sellers will pay market or more for your services because you are doing something or have networks that others do not .   

Disclosure: Co-owner of a RE/MAX Franchise

  There are pros and cons to the franchise vs non franchised real estate firm.  It all depends on your goals.  I know when I first got into real estate as an agent I worked for a no name real estate agency that a friend of mine was at.  She left that firm to join a RE/MAX agency and her business just skyrocketed.  I soon joined a different RE/MAX franchise and had the same experience. 

     People like a brand name when looking for a home or choosing an agent. It often is brand recognition that brings people to our door.  With the type of fix and flips you are doing it seems like a brand name may bring a bit more legitimacy to your projects.  Just as Joel said earlier, I don't think the discount brand is going to be for you for that reason.   

   I also wanted to add that I partnered with a few of our other agents and bought our RE/MAX franchise from the former owner two years ago.  We are small but building!  Here is a link to their website where you can get more information about opening a franchise if you want.  And no I don't get anything if you buy a RE/MAX franchise.  I just thought it may be useful information. 

Good luck to you!


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