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I am going to see them in Atlanta tomorrow. Any feedback?

I'm sorry no one had any feedback for you, but I'd love to hear your thoughts now that you've met them. How was it?

Here you go:

Hi Folks,

I've had some contact with Marshall Reddick but I haven't made any buys through the network yet. I will let you know if that happens and my experience. Right now, I'm being mentored by one of the Marshall Reddick advisors. Seems like a good deal. Due diligence is definitely on my radar.

Please let me know if anyone else has more to add to this thread. Thanks!

WOW. I haven't heard that name in years!!! He is one of the chief reasons I got into REI. I would go to his seminars back in '04-'05, when REI fear-mongering was at its peak, the guest speakers would prophesyon how the market was out of control and we needed to buy buy, and buy now, there would be no more RE for us poor people. lol

Marshall never spoke that way, he was always encouraging and providing us with the tools for success, it was up to us to sift through the nonsense. The last seminar that I remember, he was captivating us with his stories of purchasing property anyway that he could, with the foreknowledge of appreciation.

I would like to see him speak again.

I also attended and was a member of his network. I did well however when the market took a big hit I didn't have any mentors to speak with and my lack of knowledge cost me everything. I also don't agree with all those fees these RE moguls charge. I am enjoying Bigger Pockets as a Pro Member. You get solid great advice in less than 24 hours.

@Davon Lowery Thank you for the reflection. Sounds like that initial relationship launched you into REI. Any other experiences with them you can share?

@Elana L. So, it was a good relationship with MRREN? I am finding they are mentoring me so far. Yes, I am loving the Bigger Pockets podcasts! Great info on here.

Thank you both!

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