Northeast Georgia Title and Closings

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Does anyone have a good recommendation for a Title/Closing attorney in Northeast Georgia?  I currently use a company in Atlanta, but my market is near the Buford/Gainesville area, so I would like to move things closer if I can find an investor friendly firm.

Sent a PM for a closing attorney.  Don't know if he wants everyone on the Northside of Atlanta calling him so check your inbox please.  

Thank you, Sir. 

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@Ethan Atkinson - I know you're in the Athens area.  We will likely need to talk with you more once we finish moving our primary residence down to Alpharetta and begin to start investing in Athens.  Do you happen to know any title search companies in the Alpharetta area that you'd recommend?

Do you need some legal help, like for a closing? I ask because attorneys handle that here in Georgia.  If you just need actual title searched done I don't actually have any personal contacts.  I see Chicago Land and Title on many of my closing docs.  I can ask a couple attorneys I work with often. 

I see now.  I was thinking they were separate.  But I'm just re-looking at the loan documentation on that now and see what you are saying:

I think I have everything I need.  Thanks for jumping in quickly @Ethan Atkinson

Yes, almost always the attorney pays a separate company to "perform the title search" as a way to cover their backs.  Sometimes they actually do the title search in house, but have a titel company that insures the work completed. 

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