Agent in Edmonton

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Hi fellow BP-ers! I was wondering if anyone in or around Edmonton, Alberta (I think he also works with clients from the Vancouver area) had worked with an agent named James Knull before? If so, what was your experience? Easy to work with? Efficient? Perhaps most importantly, did he work with you on your goals and get you into a property you were ultimately happy with?

If you know of other investor agents in Edmonton I'd love to hear your experience and point me in their direction.

Cheers and thanks!

I've heard the name before actually from a friend that does live in Vancouver. He's supposed to be young but quite knowledgeable I believe. Probably you would be in good hands with him as he knows a lot about the investing side of real estate as well I think.

I saw your other post about selling your house and picking up two houses with basement suites. I started out myself with a basement suite but as of late I think it's harder to rent these types of units. They need to look good and be on the cheap side. As long as your mortgage payments are cheap you won't have an issue keeping your rent on the lower side and finding good tenants.

Anyways I hope things work out for you!

I haven't done any deals with him, but I have met him and have been going to his meetup for a few months now. He is an active member of REIN and I believe just won realtor of the year. His meetup is great (called - mogul mastermind) and has provided great info at the meetings I've gone to. He owns/co-owns over 250 doors. I would guess he would be a great realtor to work with, but again I have not used his services to date.