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Hello BP Community, Does anyone have buy turnkey properties from Neu Real Estate Group in Indianapolis? or have any properties under their PM company "We manage Indy"? I would like to have some feedback, I really appreciate any comments.

Any Indy investors out there who can help out @Mario Palacios with his question regarding property management in Indianapolis? Thanks BP!


@Mario Palacios

I met with them one time, was given a list of potential properties to flip. I went to one of the properties with a rep from their office, decided not to buy it, and I never heard from them again.

Good luck...

Thanks Jorge and Darren, Appreciate  your comments.

Hi Mario,

I know at Neu for a while they had so many leads that they were having difficulty keeping up with the demand.  The team is growing and I don't believe you will have the same experience as @Darren Finney .  And I will make sure you get some follow up too, Darren, whether it is through myself or whoever you were previously working with.  Sorry that someone dropped the ball by not getting back to you.

Thanks for the help, yes I saw the reviews in their web page and looks like it is a solid company, especially the reviews from @Tony Blasoli , I hope he is a BP member.

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