Turnkey Investing for Out of State

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I am a first time investor, and due to the entry points for properties in my market, I am considering working with a turnkey investment company who specialize in more B/C SF's in out of state markets. These homes offer low appreciation but solid cash flow and will allow me to get started sooner with a better ROI. Has anyone used a Turnkey company for property(ies) owned for at least 2 years and/or at least 2 tenant changes that you are very happy with and can recommend?

Any feedback about the pro's and cons are welcome!

Thank you BP!

It's counter intuitive, but you might want to rethink your approach. Cashflow is obviously essential when you are getting started, but appreciation is what will help you scale and free yourself from the rat race. If you aren't including healthy and steady appreciation as part of your acquisition criteria, unless you have deep pockets and high W2 income, you'll be shut down by most lenders after a couple properties. The key is to find a comfortable balance of each. 

Happy to discuss further with you if you'd like to shoot me a PM. 

Best of luck!