Wholesalers toolbox legit?

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@Anthony Ceballos-Garcia Just signed up for the University course after watching a few YouTube videos.

Didn’t get an immediate access code or follow-up email after verifying my address...We’ll see what happens.

Hasn’t been a blog post on the site since January.

The contracts seem very simple (but maybe that’s good).

Let me know if you get anymore feedback.

Disclosure: I'm the website owner

@Robert Molloy  there is no access code to wholesaling university, you just click on the link for each section you want to read. (it open source)

Also, I hadn't blogged since January because I've been busy making YouTube Videos (they reach more people) and the contracts are simple, that's pretty typical of a wholesaling contract... nice and easy :)

@Anthony Ceballos-Garcia and Robert let me know if you have any question, you can message me from the website with the form on pretty much every page.

All The Best!

David @ The Wholesalers Toolbox

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