Anyone Using Prospect Now??

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I've just discovered this product, and would like to know from anyone,if the residential side of Prospect Now has been valuable in getting off-market listings, as it states in it's demo. How accurate is the contact info you can receive, and the metrics of those sellers who are most likely to list there homes in the next 12 months. I have multiple buyers ready to make the leap into homeownership,but with inventory very low in the Los Angeles market,and competition for newly listed properties at an all time high, I'm looking for marketing strategies to assist a niche of mid-income buyers your. Thanks for reponse

From my experience, the numbers are accurate less than 50% of the time. You'd probably have better luck using White Pages Premium + [Insert State Here] Secretary of State Business Search + Bizapedia. If you want an 80-90% probability in researching cells phones and emails, LexisNexis is the gold standard, but it costs $3K+ annually.

Of course, I can run a search for you for free... if you bring me into the deal!

I kid.

Hey guys!! 

Any more input on whether using Prospect Now has been effective for you guys? I was thinking of simply signing up for a free trial, to give it a go? 


I'm on the verge of pulling the trigger on ProspectNow.

I would like to hear a review with some specifics, especially someone who really worked it.  How many records do you attempt to contact and how many records had invalid information?

I think this program is designed for the power user.  Someone who will dial 20 phone numbers a day, talk to 3 people, and get 1 "maybe".  Put the "maybe's" in the CRM database and set-up a follow-up campaign (phone call; letter; email).  Do that three days a week and get 3 "maybe's" a week; 12 a month.  In 90-days, it should generate a profitable deal.  In a year, more of those "maybe's" will come back to roost.  I think that gal/guy will generate 6+ deals a year.  If she/he is doing $1million+ deals, that could be darn good money.  And, you only work 3-days a week!  (Yeah, right...).

This is how I intend to use it.

Let's hear from that ProspectNow user.

I guess I am late to the game here.  Seems there is some varying opinions on its accuracy and viability.  Although, for less than a 100 bucks a month all you really need is to score a deal or two to make it worth while.  Anymore thoughts?

I'm wondering if this could be reverse engineered to be used to wholesale deals? If we can choose how old the mortgage is, If the property is vacant ect. I dont think a 3 day trial would be enough to findout but it's worth a shot.

Hi Sandy,

I just stumbled upon your post when I googled Review on Prospect Now. It's been 9 years since you've posted about trying their system.  How did it got? What is your success with them? Do you still use Prospect Now, if not why not?  If yes, what is the most valuable that has helped you grow your business?