It's all an upsell for their programs and coaches

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I'm in their 3day class typing this,  2-3hrs of good info, rest of the day selling their product. If you ask them to show you how to write a wholesale contract they said they don't reach that( yet its a wholesale flipping class) 

YUp its a well known business model.

advertise on SM  TV Radio

come to free one hour event

pay for 2k  3 day course  up sell hard.

pay 30k for the full course. 

its how the industry works.. not all but all of the big players follow the exact same script. 

If you go on E bay you can buy pretty much any name brand guru's written material or tapes that those that pay the big bucks get and then when they never use it they sell it on E bay for 50 to 100 bucks.. its worth buying as many of those as you can from all different guru's then sift through it all and take what you like and implement those strategies.

Bottom line the way wholesaling is taught in most course simply is not legal anyway at lesat without a RE license.