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Hi All

I was researching a property that is vacant and found that the owners are both deceased. One in 2013 and the other just last month (Feb 2014).

How can I find out who has taken control of the estate or house? They did not live in the property as I said it's vacant and needs rehab.

I found the obituary saying they had a daughter in Texas and siblings in the local area. Being these owners were 70+ years old I am assuming that the property may have been left to the daughter.

Should I send a letter to the address on file with the town assessor's office? (Which is the deceased owners) Do I send a letter to the daughter? OR do I send a letter to both?

Thanks in advance.

Additional: Their address on file with assessor is a town housing authority apartment building so since he passed away while in Texas with his daughter I am assuming he completly moved out of the apartment and down to Texas.

Your research should continue. Be clear what you are chasing: equity or the asset. Determine how title held (vesting). Check local probate court for open case in decedent's name. Sure, send letter(s) to likely heirs and follow up with phone calls.

So far I can't find any address or telephone for the daughter. There is nothing on the probate court search for any of the listed relatives in the obituary.

I called the tax assessor and they confirmed the owner is still listed as the deceased couple. I was told to call back tomorrow to speak with the tax collector. I did find something showing past taxes owed dated 2013.

I will do some more research on this one if I can't find any contact info via public records I may pay for one of those people finder searches.

Letter prepared to go to deceased address and will mail after i speak or go to tax collector's office.

FYI: when I searched the property there was no deed recorded in the database and the person I did get on the phone at the assessor's office said she did not have a deed???

Thanks @Rick H.

Usually you go to the probate office in the town of the deceased and request the file by name. Inside the file is a form with the name and address of the executor and the attorney.

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