What makes a great wholesaler?

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Hi everyone, i would like to hear everybodys opinion on what makes an average wholesaler a great one?

Ability to bring great deals to end investors complete with accurate information on the properties needs.

Hi Alex, I very new at it but I would say its to things... 1) knowing your market and 2) being able to talk to people and / or more importantly "listen" to people that you market to. I'm really looking forward to hearing more experienced wholesalers respond to this post. Thanks and good luck.


There are many things, as I'm sure you will hear. The one thing I will add is that you can't be a GREAT wholesaler without a GREAT marketing strategy.

Being honest is the best policy.

Joe Gore

1) Great off market deals

2) Accurate rehab estimates

3) Do what they say they are going to do

4) Good pictures of the inside

5) Accurate rent estimates

To many times I get wholesale deals sent to me by multiple different wholesalers all with different prices and different rehab amounts.

thanks to all, your feed back really helps me work on being a reliable and efficient wholesaler to make all our jobs easier.

@Alex Rivas Excellent question! 

@Alex Craig Thank you for the detailed response. I am a newbie wholesaler in Houston, TX and your list gives us a place to focus on when learning and developing to be a great wholesaler. 

Love when posts get revived! I noticed my response was 3 years ago and today, all of those points are still true.  I will add another one and this one is huge.

DO YOUR TITLE WORK BEFORE OFFERING THE DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also important that I would like to add:

ACTUALLY HAVE AN CONTRACT ON THE PROPERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am tried of messing with bottom feeder wholesalers who waste my time with a deal then when you tell them you want the deal, they start back peddling. Once I find out a wholesaler does not have an contrat, that wholesaler is dead to me...from a business standpoint. I would still help them out if they needed a helping hand!

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